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mothering - rooting - remembering

Hello and Welcome!

I am emerging from a deep portal phase. 


I had wandered and have again been found.

One truth is that I am only my best Self when I give myself fully to God.

I am a woman of forever shifting spaces.

I am remembering. I am refining. I am reclaiming.

I am a woman; becoming. 

I am focused on honoring God, motherhood, art, writing, womb healing, trauma recovery, root-work & natural living.

I believe we are all relations on this earth and that we must be good stewards that honor one another, the animals and the land. Sustainability and a return to nature are incredibly important to me. I believe that deeply rooting into our Earth Mother is intrinsic to our collective remembering as a society.

I am both a Believer in Christ and a Tantrika. It is my belief that our intuition and the idea of our 'higher selves' is us in communion with God and that as we nurture our relationship with our creator, His voice speaks wisdom into us. I feel called to help those Remember they are deeply loved by God and that their life can and will be transformed by His grace. Walking the path of Tantrika, specifically the study of Nondual Śaiva Tantra (NŚT) & ‘The 5 Layers of Self' assisted me in bringing my spirituality down into my body, an alchemical marriage between soul and body. Tantric breathwork unlocked much of my personal remembering and is a big part of my prayer and communion with God. There is so much to be revealed to us when we enter into our own personal relationship with The Creator. I feel called to walk alongside those who seek Him.   

I am mothering 4 children. Running our household and being an attentive, present parent takes precedence in my life. This is my number one mission: to raise these children to love God, love people and to honor the Earth. Our schedule is busy and when one gets sick, they often all get sick. Sometimes, I will go very quiet because mothering has commanded all my attention for the moment. 

I am a trained birth doula, shakti queen & jade egg practitioner, as well as a ceremonial cacao facilitator. I am forever a student and will begin Biblical Studies in the fall, and am training this summer to become a Childbirth Educator. There's so much to learn and explore. So much good in the world and love to be cultivated. 

I am a published writer and poet, and the author of ATOMS & EVERS (dancing girl press, 2017). Writing was my first love. I also enjoy painting, making jewelry and other goods, and experimenting and creating with herbs, oils, salts, and other natural remedies. I run a small Etsy shop with my partner, Adam. We live on 5 acres in Minnesota where we raise chickens and have been learning permaculture practices.


I do offer 1-on-1 sessions that currently revolve around root-work and intuition. You can view those here.

Thank you for visiting.

Love Lived,