Client Testimonials

I have been blessed to work in person with Azia four times. Each session, she has a small cauldron and a variety of dried herbs set out. We join hands and she asks me to close my eyes and visualize my breathing, to feel the warmth in my heart and to let the warmth radiate throughout my body. After that, Azia asks you to choose whatever herbs you're drawn to and to burn them in a small cauldron as an act of ritual. She has taught me that the intention of ritual and visualization is one of our biggest creations. Something about the connection to the elements and the magic of it all I find very soothing. I actually purchased a similar cauldron after our last session and have begun doing more ritual burnings in my own thanks to her. Each reading has been a therapeutic experience, as Azia truly makes you feel heard, validated and guided with a true spiritual healer. I will be working with Azia for years to come.       

-Jessa, Minneapolis, MN




Azia and I have worked together online using three different decks at different times.  I usually request an additional card from the Mary Oracle if we are working with a different deck for the inquiry because something about that deck always jumps out in her readings. She has responded to all my reading requests within 24 hours! Most online readings I’ve received took anywhere from 3-7 days to come through! She’s very professional and warm and has this unexplainable divine mother energy that makes you feel safe.     

-Rachel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA




I just finished reading through my reading and I read it three times because I was stunned at the accuracy and clarity of the message! Azia, the truth hurts sometimes, but you are right, it is the truth that will set you free and release all the pain back into the “nothingness that it is”!!!! Thank you, this means more than you will ever know. I will definitely be seeking your guidance in the future.

-Lynn, Cedar Falls, IA




I found Azia after searching through Twitter threads about Twin Flames. I came across a photo of her and her counterpart reading a book together in bed and I bawled my eyes out. It was the first time I had ever seen one of the 144 together in an intimate embrace. I had to work with her. The readings I’ve received have shed light on areas where I am selling myself short. She has shown me that I am not broken, but perfectly made. She has empowered me to become the creator of my life, not someone waiting around for someone to rescue me. Thank you.     

-Danielle, Atlanta Georgia



Azia is an authentic channel, but she says she isn’t a channel. Trust me, she’s a channel. She taps into your higher-self and leads you to find the answers you are seeking. Even more than the oracle work, I find the conversation to be the most influential part of working with her. She’s really funny and deeply personable. You can’t help but feel completely at ease around her. She has a demeanor that allows you to surrender the idea of putting on a show and be as vulnerable as necessary to get to the root of what it is you are truly asking. Humble yet confident, warm yet focused, Azia is gift from the universe to the universe.

-Carrie, Excelsior, MN



This reading was truly meant for me. I resonated with each card, placement and everything that you had to say about it. As soon as I got done reading, I felt a huge rush of emotion come over me and I could not stop crying. I feel like it was because I had just meditated, but wow! The energy I felt was overwhelming, but not in a bad way. There’s honestly so much more I would like to say, but I just want to say that this was extremely powerful. You truly have a gift and I am incredibly happy that I was called to purchase a reading from you. All of this was a huge confirmation that I am aligned and on my path. Something that I’ve been unsure of since the day I could remember.  

-Adri, California, USA



I will be purchasing another reading from you very soon. This intuition reading has left me in tears with the depths to which it resonates. You told me things I subconsciously knew to be true but haven't felt confident enough to fully embrace until this moment. I haven't been listening to myself. Thank you for reminding how much I already know and that I'm being called to listen and trust. Your words feel like my words and how that is how I know you are the real deal. Again, Azia, thank you so much.

-Janet, Novi, Michigan



Again, you confirm what I don't want to confront. You truly do what you claim. You help me remember.

-Elizabeth, Minneapolis, MN



Your quick readings are incredible! I have never received so many downloads from a reading that was just a single card. I hope you will offer this again in the future. Your ability to tap into my energy every time I've had a reading is what makes me come back when I feel the need for additional guidance. Thank you for your service in love.

-Violetta, Spain



Thank you so much for my reading: literally speechless as you were so dead on all I could do was laugh/and cry a little- more like a dry half sob...Whew. Wow. Thank you. Feeling very quiet. Feeling very much at peace. You asked questions that demand answers from myself so from now -I'm going inward & trying to figure those things out will be my 24/7 goal. Thank you again!       -Jessica, Atlanta, Georgia




Thank you for this beautiful reading. I'm still processing because it feels so right. You have a gift - but you already know that :).

-Taylor, USA




I have never experienced anything like this in a video session. The way you channeled the mother felt like the warmest energy I've experienced in my life. Now, when I read your words 'Keep Your Soles on The Mother while reaching your Soul Towards The Mother" my heart does this new jump thing where I feel the most understood and at peace. Thank you. I have nothing to offer you but my sincerest gratitude.

-Misha, Los Angeles, California



Thank you! You were spot on, there were even sentences where I thought I was back saying them to my best friend. It was incredible and I just need some time to re-read but also to take everything in. THANK YOU <3


-Ana, Amsterdam, Netherlands



Wow, thank you so much! Absolutely beautiful. I will definitely take this advice, it's the first reading in ages I've actually found helpful.

-Simone, Austin, Texas


I received a reading from Azia this morning and it rang with so much truth and light that I had to stay in bed for a couple hours to process it. I highly recommend her for readings, she delivers with honesty, love, and grace. I must have read it ten times over already and am still finding new truths in every little bit. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was everything I needed to hear and more. Thank you, I love you.

-Zoey, Albuquerque, New Mexico


O gosh. Thank you so much!! This reading came at the perfect time. I found the words I needed and resonated with everything you said. This week, actually month, whole year sorta, has been hell and I see now where there are patterns I need to release because some of this hell is being made by my decisions. I need to take more time to tune into my higher self. I don’t listen. I found you when you were tweeting about softening and then I saw your header about keeping your soles on the mother and knew I had to work with you. I would recommend everyone getting a voice of your intuition reading. I’ll be rereading this a hundred times.

-Adonis, Washington D.C.


My reading from Azia confirmed everything I already knew inside myself. Sobbed (in the best way) through the entire thing. 10/10 would recommend.

-McKenna, USA


So, I just received a reading from Azia, which also happens to be the first time I've ever gotten a personal reading & let me just say: WOW, the energy that came through was so potent, so reassuring, so clear. I'm still digesting the message, thank you so so much.

-Katie Sue, Taos, New Mexico


Highly recommend Azia/s intuitive services. VERY insightful and resonated 100% and I'm so grateful for the wisdom you shared.

-Mary, Los Angeles



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