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Please note:

There are only 3 sessions scheduled a week.

20% of each fee from a session will be donated. 10% will be tithed to Free Grace United & 10% given to Honor the Earth.

Feel called to work with me but do not have the financial means to currently do so? Please reach out through the Contact Form. We can set up a payment arrangement, a good old fashion exchange, look into the availability of a sponsored session or come up with another option.


If you feel called to sponsor a session for someone, you can send donations via CashApp or PayPal.

PLEASE NOTE: Azia Archer is not a psychologist, therapist, doctor or the like. All services and guidance are offered to those who are 18+. Services are spiritual in nature and lead with an open heart and not meant to replace the help of a trained professional psychologist. If you have a health or medical concern, please seek help from your local medical practitioner immediately.