You Can Do It For You

I want to begin by saying: It's okay to be doing [whatever thing] for yourself.

For your personal evolution.

For your growth.

For your healing.

For your development.

I don't know when it became taboo to heal yourself, to do a thing because something deep inside you is calling you to do it. But I see so many people nowadays justifying whatever they are doing as doing it for everyone.

In New Age circles, you'll hear a lot of phrases like grid work and collective healing-- it's this idea that by doing any type of energy or healing work (even just existing in a space) you are working towards the ascension and awakening of all of humanity.

I keep thinking of this scene in The Family Stone, when Julie and Everett are walking through town and Julie is telling a story about this man who longed deeply,

and it was just because this guy -
I guess he was a fisherman -
would wander around,
you know, from bar to bar,
talking about how he had
this hole in his heart.
That's how he put it.
He said he couldn't sleep.
He would just lie there in bed
because of this hole in his heart.

We all have holes in our hearts, we are all called to specific things and yes, in many ways, one person's healing is everyone persons healing: but often, God is calling us to do something for ourselves. Because we are important as individuals. Our individual journeys matter to God.

I don't know if it's a justification thing, like people are terrified to do things for themselves nowadays, so by labeling something as FOR EVERYONE, it suddenly is okay to do, or if it's a narcissism problem. Like everyone thinks they are a savior/guru/oracle and can usher in the return to paradise. But it's silly.

I'm here to remind you, you are justified in your journey, wherever you feel called, because you are alive. You are allowed to walk your path and do things that grow you into a better human being because you are reaching a deeper understanding of yourself, you-- healing, you-- following that hole in your heart until it's filled. It makes you a better, wiser, more whole person. And people like that touch the lives of everyone around them by simply existing.

Paul writes in 1 Timothy,

"For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all..." (1 Timothy 2:5-6)

I can't explain why it's ludacris to believe anyone is ushering in a collective ascension/awakening/return to paradise, because unless you are a believer, you aren't going to truly grasp what I'm trying to say. As a believer, I understand that Jesus paid it all. There really isn't anything for anyone to do outside of loving one another and doing our best to be good stewards. We are justified through faith alone. (Romans 3:28) There isn't a single scripture that calls on us to "gridwork" or any of these other New Age awakening catch phrases. These are all manmade concepts that sound like liberation but are actually cages because they keep people from truly understanding their motivations, and from recognizing the truth of Christ.

This world is messed up. It's been messed up for a long, long time. Yes, it was originally created as a paradise of love! All of nature was a love song from God to us, and the deceiver deceived humanity. There is no True Love to be had without a choice, and God loved us so much that he gave us free will to choose. And that choice still lives on today.

Whatever it is you're doing, wherever you find yourself, I hope you take time to discern if it's truly where God wants you to be or if you've been listening to the whispering of the deceiver. Are you doing it for you, and therefore following God's plan for you, or are you falling for the New Age troupe that you're on some great mission to save humanity? Where our heart is reveals a lot about where we are.

There is a difference between feeling called to help others, verses doing things that set us up as tiny saviors. This distinct difference is mostly felt in the bones and revealed via the tongue. Talk to God about it. Surrender that you might be wrong. You will find yourself liberated, healed, free.



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