Time— Makes No Stinkin’ Sense, Bro

I feel like I wake up with the sun, blink, and it’s suddenly bedtime again.

Days have been flying by at ultra speed.

Time has always been something that has made very little sense to me & it’s why I have to keep a large calendar in my kitchen of every appointment, practice, event or I won’t know what day it is. Digital time keeping doesn’t work for me because the act of writing it down is a huge part of the processes of retaining this information for me. Is anyone else like this?

I just can’t believe how quickly things have been moving. My youngest child, born this past December, is already 5 months old, the school year is almost over, summer approaches and soon, 2021 will be be half written into history.

I see time as both a line and a pulse with vibrations. It effects the present, future and is alive in some incomprehensible way back somewhere I can’t see it. And when the present is unfolding, the reverberation of past mingled within that now-moment, is something I can easily miss. And not being cognizant of all these different echos, their reasonings— past & present— can impact our future if we don’t take a moment to process it all.

I’m not sure if I’m making sense. This heart-resonance isn’t always easily mouthable. Words fail me, miserably, at times.

I do think it’s a mistake to think that now is the only moment that matters. How can we honor one another without understanding how we arrived in the now?

How do we honor the gift of life if we are so busy to take a moment to gather ourselves.

Maybe none of this matters and I’m just talking in circles. I once wrote in a poem that all our lives are circles. They are always overlapping in some way. How do we honor all this overlap?

And if your hands and heart are busy with the day unfolding, that it feels like a mere blink and an entire day is suddenly rushing to a close, when do you process without interrupting the flow of life as it’s happening?!

I guess the answer lies somewhere between gratitude and stillness. Appreciation and awareness. Softness and peace. Action and trust. Accountability and surrender.

And a whole lot of communion with God.


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