This is a Beginning (Poem)

Updated: Feb 9

This is a Beginning

Closed my eyes for five minutes

and the last five hundred billion years

flashed before my eyes.

It was You, before Jesus,

You, before Moses,



All I could see was Adam.

You were Adam

and the only word you knew

was ‘atom’

and you’d mouth it with a closed

fist to your chest—




with galaxies for eyes,

an infinite pulsating heart

straight to God--

There you were with that

fist in the air telling the world

how much you loved it.

There you were

fetal-positioned floating

in the outer space womb,

this first creation.

We began here,


as tiny atoms

on a cosmic journey north.

We began here,

as atoms,

and it took

five million Adam’s

to come after you

to get back to you.

(this poem first appeared in a publication called Public Pool-- though, the publication itself no longer exists. But we do. Him and I, we exist.)

©2025 Azia Archer