Looking through current painting projects and noticing a theme. That’s life in many ways— a series of themes, one after another & whether or not our receptivity is aligned to connect to it.

There are many moments in a day where I’m like— “Okay, Azia: pay attention to this.” My brain is filled with all these little notes to self and on the good days, I have enough margin at the end of the day to jot them down somewhere so that I can eventually reach a moment where all these disjointed “notes” come together. It is there that I am able to see the big picture, the theme of whatever God has been trying to show me over the course of my everyday life.

We have a tendency to think that God delivers revelation in sweeping and profound ways & though, yes, this can & does happen— we can forget that God is in the tiny moments, too. That this is often where we are met, just existing as we are in our life moments. There was a spiritualist, whose name escapes me just now, that shared a few months back that God meets women in the kitchen, during her everyday life— she doesn’t need to venture to the peak of the mountain in solitude to hear God. That moved me, deeply; resonated fully.

There are themes, seasons, lessons, shadow work, revelation for us all. But there is also life to be lived, too. Embodiment is found in the balance. In the living while listening.

l try my best to delicately walk the line of being able to listen during my everyday life, but some days are more difficult than others. We long for that mountain-moment, at least I do, when the dishes are piled high and the endless laundry begs for our attention, when parenting has demanded I keep moving aside my own needs day after day— it is much harder to listen to God. Those seem to be the moments I need to be listening most of all because there is a reason my life has unfolded this way: it’s part of my design, my plan! This is where I’m supposed to be so why would I need to journey anywhere to find God?

But, sometimes, I do need to draw a bath, light candles and drown in the silence. Give my body and mind over to the s p a c e to hear and feel and be. She needs rest. She needs wild. She needs to hear. She needs to be heard. These are my themes.


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