The Wayshowers Are Rising

There are a plethora of interpretations of what it means to be a wayshower, and though we may all be speaking the same language, I can only relay my own understanding via my personal tongue. I'll try my best to explain myself so we are on the same page.

Plainly speaking, to me, to be a wayshower means to walk a new path, to lead in a direction previously unknown to you and yours. This is often how we break unhealthy patterns, agreements and ancestral baggage that we have chosen to release for the betterment of the future generations. It is absolutely alchemy of the highest order. It is a denial of chains and illusion. It is the recognition that there is a better way and choosing to step into that space. It is not only becoming the seed, but allowing yourself to be planted, budded, and blooming.

And what happens when we wake up to the truth of this? Spiritual attacks.

We as a species have not only lost touch with one another but with the very planet that houses us and the very Spirit that created us. The world often feels chaotic to navigate at this time, but it is the disconnect from the foundational energies of interconnectedness and honor that is the breeding ground for chaotic misunderstanding and delusion. Wayshowers are ushering in an age of peace for all. There are many wayshowers alive at this time and none of them carry a higher vibration or more powerful mission than the other. There is no hierarchy. But we have to trust that there is much we have yet to learn and know. We need to take our time before we start spreading a “message” and work on just be-ing first.

It is crucial to not get lost in the path of others or in the labels many are deciding to identify themselves with at this time. Distractions are everywhere and let me take a moment to speak with authority: assumption-energy and division will be the cages that keep us from anchoring peace. When we continually find ourselves in assumption-energy, we can be certain we are more focused on the perception of our path than the authenticity of walking it. This is a form of spiritual attack as it breeds doubt within and without. Doubt is a killer, a time-waster: a veil over the eyes of the wayshower. Revoke the energy from your field. Breathe in clarity. Trust in communication. Reject projections and move more deeply into yourself.

Labels also feed division and disconnect us from the uniqueness of our own crystalized essence. You are You, a child of God, one with the creation and The Creator. Nothing else matters. Anchor into the knowledge of Who You Are. Research the meaning of your name, feel deeply into it. If your name comes from a relative, what do you know about them and their life? What is the origin of your name? Hebrew? Spanish? Follow that trail. Listen. Feel the energetic message waiting for you on the other side. Who you are as a sovereign being matters. Who you are today, in this skin, matters and it is your compass. Your energetic signature matters. Feel into it. Accept who you are. Every part. The denial is the attack. The label, the distraction. Be you, now.

Unity at this time is imperative. I fear that denial of these truths will feed an illusion of division, which is the antithesis of anchoring a new way. And that is the very motivation of spiritual attack, yes? To keep us stuck and stagnated, unable to return to truth and freedom?

I've been thinking of these words from Mother Theresa,

“The Simple Path:
Silence is Prayer
Prayer is Faith
Faith is Love
Love is Service
The Fruit of Service is Peace”

The mission, ultimately, of the wayshower is peace. Which means a path of service, love, faith, prayer, and silence is simply the way forward, the new way. Everytime we work towards the greater good, open our heart, experience joy, we are doing the work. Walking together in union, union with God, union with Earth, union with one another, we are doing the work.

And this doesn’t mean that there will be a rising of gurus and masters. Wayshowers are not these things. They are you and me. Some will study sacred rites and ancient knowledge, others will be raising the children, or creating art that unlocks hardened hearts, some will create space for peace and healthy communication— the paths are truly infinite. And as we enter into the silence, take sacred time and get to know ourselves, our paths will be revealed to each one of us.

This is very much a moment of listening more than speaking. Of trusting more than questioning. Of communion with God and nature. Of honoring one another. Of truth.

The wayshowers are rising. Light the torch. Walk the path of the unknown. We have been called.


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