She IS Wild

The second you believe that wildness has anything to do with outside circumstances— the world has won.

WILD is her natural state. She is tuned into her environment, the wind, the elements and the people around her. She is in constant communion with God. She is prayerful in her movements. She is free in her EMBODIMENT.

Wild is a state of being.

It is the core of her soul.

She is wild on the crashing shores, she is wild amidst the mounting chores.

It is how she carries herself. It is in her prayers. Her laughter. The way she opens to those around her and can still even the most frightened soul.

These things cannot be found in retreats, or workshops, or books— it can only be found in her total surrender to the nature of her mind, body, soul.

Wild isn’t a photograph of her howling.

Wild is her deep gaze as she intently cares for those whom she is in relation too. It’s in the way she uses her hands and her hips to create atmosphere and nourishment.

She is wild because SHE IS.

Wildness cannot be outsourced. If she spends her life searching for it in this place, or that relationship— it will not be found.

When she is the totality of her intensity in all circumstances, she has found it. She is free of all expectation and cannot be pinned down. She’s too real. Too alive. She is both a warm, inviting pool of water and an explosive volcano.

She is everything she was created to be. And she remembers.


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