Recent Reads Pt. 1

I began tracking my books again via Goodreads after taking a hiatus from the space. (Not a small hiatus, think 3ish years!) I had forgotten the joy of interacting on a space that allows you to remember with detail the works that spoke to you. I set a goal to read 21 books by the end of this year. I have finished 3 thus far. I’m not sure if this means I am behind or not, but time is not my forte and makes absolutely no sense to me so— it matters not.

Here’s what I’ve read so far:

This collection from Katie Clark is phenomenal. I devoured it feverishly. The funny thing is, I had it sitting on my bookshelf for a few years as I purchased it in 2017 during Nostrovia! Press's chapbook bundle. Apparently though, I found it at just the right time. It's funny how that happens. You can find the book here.

This book quieted me often. The story begins with Claire, a recently widowed woman preparing for her husband’s funeral. We follow her through the days to pass and the grief and utter humanity she embodies while coming to understand that the life she was building with him no longer exists. The prose is breathtakingly poetic, heartbreaking and honest. There is truth spilling out of every passage & every character we encounter. This is a real story. You can taste it. Descriptive and haunting, this book is a new favorite and one I know I will revisit again. You can find the book here.

Last night, I drew up a hot & bubbly bath and dove into this chapbook from Stephanie Valente. Intricate, hushed, beyond relatable— I went through the collection 3x. There’s a subtly in the language that speaks to the experience of being a wild thing caught in the human experience. You can find the digital collection here.

I'm currently reading a short story collection from Margaret Atwood (Moral Disorder) and I'll probably start something else soon, too. I have a tendency to read 1-3 books at a time depending on genre, depending on my mood.


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