Quick note on new Growth

There is something so incredibly satisfying about starting with a seed and witnessing it sprout and bud and bloom.

It got me to thinking how it must be for God to witness our becoming. If I can find such deep satisfaction in the cultivation of plants, imagine how He feels watching us grow strong; producing fruits.

“Before you spoke a word, you were singing over me.” These lyrics from ‘Reckless Love’ have been a steady cadence in my mind this morning. Life gets so busy sometimes, this world is divided and messy and strange and a scary place sometimes that it’s easy to forget that we were purposefully made— being pruned, shaped, and recklessly Loved by a creator who our minds cannot begin to fathom or truly grasp.

There is a plan for your life.

There is a rhyme, a reason.

The seasons you move through are intentionally guided.

There is a light watching over you.

You matter.

Your growth matters.

Your feelings matter.

Your life matters.

You started as a seed, and you were lovingly and intentionally sculpted. Every inch of your body and soul.

It truly is miraculous and stunningly beautiful when you attempt to truly grasp it. Like, wow. The love!

My wish for you today is that you give yourself a few moments to take stock of where you began and how far you’ve already come. It’s awe-inspiring.

I’m so proud of all of us.


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