On Sacred Partnership— Holy Marriage

Image Credit: The Creation of Man by Birth Undisturbed

Let’s talk about partnership for a minute. True partnership, the kind where you have consciously chosen to be joined together as one and every movement, every choice you make, is born from the love you have for one another. Healthy love. Sacred partnership.

When you are partnered with the right person, nothing seems impossible because you make one another stronger, safer, more present and clear.

The relationships that last have very little to do with similar interests and everything to do with frequency of the heart— alignment of values and faith. They walk the same road to to the same destination. Their fate is found in being with one another.

If you are unhappy in your relationship, I beg to ask— what are you not vocalizing that is at the center of your soul? The right person is going to nurture the truest parts of you while tossing all that is false into the flames of transmutation. The partner for you will hear your yearnings, accept the mission, and help you create the reality of your destiny.

I love the image of Joseph helping Mary to birth Jesus. She did not do it alone— she was given a partner who could see beyond the current circumstance and to the greater mission. She was made stronger, more capable, in his ability to see her through the other side. He did not abandon her. He quite literally stood by her through blood, sweat, tears to fulfill a mission that required trust and devotion.

Our society has lost something sacred, in the nurturing of partnerships. Our partners become disposable, and I think maybe, it’s because we aren’t being careful with the choosing. We rush into things before discovering if we are truly aligned and share similar values. We let the lust of our skin pave the way instead of the frequency of the heart.

And true love sustains when our hearts are amplified. The wrong pairing can squash our spirit, keep us stuck and stagnant— unable to fully come into the our most authentic selves. It truly is a matter of life and death, because the soul death that comes from being with a partner who doesn’t share your vision for what life ought to look like, will create bitterness in your heart, disconnect from the truth of you. And that path always leads to death. Always.

In the Bible, they speak of leaving the home of your parents and becoming one flesh with your spouse. There is deep meaning and instruction here— partnership is sacred, holy— not to be taken lightly. Whose flesh are you merging with? Will you feel more solid, capable when joined with them— or will it be foreign, unable to fit around you, a slow suffocation?

Love of a partner is a holy gift because you will become more of yourself with them. You will always have someone there who understands and is building alongside you. You become free in the love you cultivate together. You become the most authentic version of yourself. You usher in more joy for one another. You become unstoppable. Doubled. Everything amplified x2.


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