October of Love

Hello! I have done something miraculous, I have turned on my computer after it’s been mocking me for weeks. I do not understand the reasons why it takes so much for me to sit in front of this machine, but it currently is not my natural state. I am okay with this. Though, I feel I miss an opportunity here and there to share things with those who are not in my immediate vicinity. But, maybe that’s not important. Maybe that’s my circle of influence? I think so.

Like the rest of the country, I woke with the news of Las Vegas. Again, another massacre. Again, innocent blood spilled seemingly without reason. There is no logic for this violence, the language of the heart, the mind, the spirit, nothing that resonates or brings about understanding. Yes, this is so wrong! This hateful violence is unnatural! It goes against the very consciousness granted to humanity, that spirit that moves inside all of us at our core.

I only browsed headlines, as I cannot entertain the details. In many ways, it’s the same story. I know. We all know. The lack of the word “terrorism” explained enough to me, I know who did this. I know where our collective wounding lies. I refuse to entertain anything other than the love that surrounds those who lost their lives, the mourning that is summoned only from a place of relationship, which is love.

We are better than this. We keep asking ourselves, ‘When will it be enough?’ If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that it tends to get worse before it gets better. Intuition tells me that there is more darkness ahead of us. But we are so close. We are so strong. Do not live in fear.

I’m choosing to tune into all the beauty that is happening right now. All the weddings and proclamations of LOVE that will happen during the month of October. I know so many different couples, from different walks of life who are choosing THIS month to be the month that they say sacred vows and move into this life as one. That is something to celebrate.

All around me, I see people healing and striving to be their best selves. I am so proud and overwhelmed with joy as those same people choose to see themselves as Whole and fearlessly overcome each obstacle as they tune into their heartbeats. Bravery is an act of the truest Love.

I know it’s easy to turn on the news, or even scroll through our news-feed and feel sadness, anger, frustration— but there’s something about the low vibrational feelings and embodiment's that make us believe they are stronger than they truly are. It must be the Divine Mirage, a skewed perception of power. It takes strength to see it for the falsity it is. If there wasn’t something to love, if there wasn’t something you loved, this wouldn’t bother you. If there wasn’t hope, and vision, and strength, this would mean nothing. There are reasons we smile and laugh each day. People and things, reasons we write, make, dance. Sit solidly with whatever popped into your mind when you read those words, entertain that joy with your mind, your spirit and use that to your advantage. Do not be deceived by the darkness. You cannot fight darkness with more darkness, you can only bring in the light.

It’s easy to entertain all the darkness for the garbage it is, to let that garbage vibrate as a hate in our bellies. But, today, maybe do something different. Today light a white candle for the love that surrounds all the people who left their bodies behind. Light a white candle and think of all the things worth fighting for. Remember why you exist as you are today, how you are in this body perfectly made, and how lucky the world is to have you. Be a warrior of light. Do good. Be open. Be brave.

*This post was originally published on October 2, 2017


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