Morning Reflections

My family and I spent a lot of time this past weekend outside gathered around these little guys. Minnesota is melting and the fresh air and sunshine and open spaces are a much needed gratitude blessing after so much time indoors. We remarked a few times how hypnotic it was to just watch these babies exist. It lead to discussions about God— how He sees us as innocent and fascinating, too. His little creations, waddling about & His marvel of what we do with our bodies, our minds.

I have to say, I am happy.

Despite everything happening everywhere at any given time, in this chaos I am happy because we’ve been blessed with our small pocket of peace.

It is in these small moments— care for small creatures, laughter with the kids, nursing the baby, planning gardens— taking these big, deep breaths, that I am filled with hope and remembering.

It’s so easy to get distracted— to get caught up in mainstream media and what is being cancelled and which “party” is at fault and the fear and division and anger.

But it veils our birthright: simplicity, love, community. Life isn’t meant to be lived divided and exhausted. And each time we remember and embrace the small pleasures, we are rebelling against the systems and entities whose only agenda is to oppress, depress and defeat.

The human spirit is creative and joyful— childlike. We are stewards and artists and writers and makers. We long to be with one another, even in our solitude and silent moments: as knowing our loved ones are nearby makes us tender.

How often we look for someone to blame because our nature is constantly being bent into distortion. We are tired. And we point our finger at this group and that and we leave our snarky comments on news articles and we forget. We forget our neighbor is tired and lonely. We forget that they are recovering from generational indoctrination. We fear abandonment if we don’t bend the way they bend.

And then we miss out on peace. We miss out on our lives.

And that’s the mission of the deceiver— that we all miss out on what an overwhelming joy it is to be here now, on this earth, together.

Imagine what we could create together— division agendas rejected and deprogrammed? Hunger, exhaustion, addiction, homelessness would be eradicated. The need to hoard and blame would cease to exist in an instant.

The “haves” have much to gain from the division of the “have-nots”— because they recognize that the idea of hierarchy is an illusion. They are the ones full of fear of what would happen if we reclaimed our sovereignty and stepped into our purpose.

Even the softest rebellions have a ripple effect. I hope you remember this. Each time you choose your human instincts of empathy, understanding, stewardship, and joy: you are changing the culture.

There is a reckoning approaching, where we will be asked to truly look at and face the facts of who we’ve become. Which side will you find yourself on?


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