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Yesterday, I was discussing my ritual practices with a family member & it was brought to my attention that they naturally assumed most of my ritual work focused around manifestation/desire, asking me what types of "things I had manifested" thus far. I had to explain that I had manifested nothing but peace of mind, an open heart. Because when I do ritual work, I pray, I express gratitude (praise!). I honor the elements, God, The Mother, Love. My main focus is surrender: nurturing the roots, expanding the heart. Peace. Peace. Peace. I want to be my most awakened, whole, balanced Self.

My ritual work does not focus on manifestation of "things", ever. Why? Because I have the belief that what is meant for me, is meant for me. It's coming or not coming regardless of what I do or do not do. You could say I believe the things I "manifest" into my life are predestined and not a manifestation at all but part of the plan all along. I come from the perspective that everything is always unfolding as it should in my life (outside of the free-will of others, which has very little to do with me until their free-will actions impose on my peace/flow, but that is, of course, an entirely different topic we can touch on another day). Which, means, *for me personally* manifestation practices are a waste of my energy.

I choose to focus on (which some may say is manifesting? ha. I'm already seeing all my contradictions, I hate language as much as I love being able to express myself-- it's limitations never cease to amaze me) creating peace in my heart to accept and move with grace despite whatever comes next on my journey. The herbs I burn, the prayers I recite, the baths I take, the salts I use, etc etc: it all focuses on WHOLENESS and PEACE, regardless of outside circumstances. It's about cultivating a strength of mind, of spirit. I am constantly working to be the strongest, most whole, patient and surrendered version of myself. I seek clarity and divine surrender.

my view this morning upon waking: peace keeps finding me

If I desire for something to "manifest" in my physical space (IE: money, a trip, a move to California!!, etc), I take stock of what resources I currently have available. By that I mean my skill set, my state of mind, my tangible Earthly resources (job opportunities, classes, space, availability, etc)-- some may say (some as an in me, I would say!) I am harnessing my inner Masculine and I use that part of me and what I have created to bring these desires to fruition. This makes me think of that famous quote by Diana Ross,

"You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream, you've got to get out there and make it yourself."

Meaning, you can't just sit there and wait for your desires to manifest: YOU ARE YOUR DESIRES MANIFEST. That is why you are here. You created yourself to be perfectly aligned with what you are meant to have in your life, therefore, you already have everything you need in your human suit to bring it into your physical reality. And, if the things you desire are not happening or coming to you, you need to not only surrender to divine timing, you may need to shift completely. And shifting sucks. I get it. But, we aren't always truly aligned with our hearts no matter how "spiritual" or "ascended" or whatever else we think we are. We are still here, learning. And guess what, maybe what you think you desire isn't what you truly desire, but something you think you should desire. Maybe what you desire isn't coming from a place of Love, but from a place of competition or envy. Possibly even, it is infringing on the personal will and life path of another, and therefore out of your power to bring into your hemisphere. Maybe you aren't working hard enough and you need to change up your approach. The possibilities are truly endless. I could go on and on.

And that is why I do not manifest THINGS outside of cultivating a spirit that is completely and utterly surrendered to divine alignment at all times. My ritual work views the chaos as peace because I am peace. I pray for wisdom and a swift sword of discernment. I am very much a warrior, a mother, a lover and that is enough to surrender to this life. It's everything and nothing. I have everything I need, and I need nothing at all because it's all unfolding perfectly. My inner feminine is the flow and my inner masculine is the form.


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