Let it go...

I’m a bit shocked to realize how many things I had been participating in that caused me either anxiety, discomfort or both. It’s crazy to come to terms with the ways I was boxing myself in— truly acting as my own worst enemy.

I know I keep circling back to this but it’s truly a revelation. Why do we do this to ourselves? It happens so quickly and then what feels like all of the sudden, you’re looking around and the only thing you can say is, “How?! Why?!”

What are you holding onto— whether that be a teaching, a behavior, a person, an ideal, or whatever else— that’s anchoring you to something stagnant? In what ways are you becoming your own worst enemy?

If you tell me that not a single thing comes to mind, I will admit, I’d be a bit suspicious. As ever evolving people, there is always often some area where pruning serves a purpose.

I’ve discovered on my journey, that when I haven’t taken the proper time and care to nurture this pruning myself, God will eventually sweep in with a sword and slice it out for me. And it’s usually a much more painful and complicated experience. It can be extremely confusing when things are removed for us.

I’ve been looking towards lighter spaces, lighter languages and softer lessons.

If I can’t be real with myself, how can I be real with others?

Self-reflection is self-care. Awareness without action is empty & leads to repetition of unnecessary lessons.

If there is something that comes to mind for you while reading this— it’s time to let whatever that thing is go. It’s begging for your conscious acknowledgment and release.

Let it go. Let yourself grow.


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