Spent the last few days deep in the Northwoods of Minnesota, near the boundary waters. No cell service, no internet, no electricity.

Absolute heaven.

Adam and I are a crazy efficient team. Whenever we do anything together, it just moves with ease. You'd think by now I would be used to it, but it still just blows me away.

Him and I were made for each other, and we were absolutely made for the woods.

We would spend the day on the lake, anchoring among different islands and walk around just loving this natural world that God created for us, identifying plants, their names, which are edible, holding hands, watching the kids go wild.

It was heaven.

I love that he doesn't see this past weekend as a weekend to wear American Flag garb and drink alcohol and watch fireworks... I can't really stomach any of that stuff. I know that a lot of people love it and I'm not saying we are somehow better for not feeling it, it's just nice to be partnered with someone who would rather sit around a fire and sip warm tea and read a novel... I really, really love the quiet, natural world. And it's even better with Him by my side.

We were on the water, I had the baby in my arms, and I just kept singing this song in joy:

The world He created is so perfectly crafted and beautiful. He has given me so much. I just.. I feel moved to tears whenever I think about it.

I feel... really blessed.

And I just wanted to share that.



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