Joy, Laughter & Dorkiness

I think one of the most self-sabotaging things we can do is to take ourselves too seriously. The world is a bombardment of chaos and despair if you stare into the abyss too long and forget to breathe. Celebrate your LIFE by embracing happy moments, being weird, and letting your hair down. Joy is a warrior-spirit, too.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how, especially when diving into spiritual work, I’ve created a standard for myself that it’s all I can discuss, write or post about. What about the playful parts of me? The dorky parts? Why do I box myself in when it doesn’t serve my joy?

I love some silly things. There is a part of me that will always have a heart for YA-literature. I’m a Harry Potter NERD (I used to rock tees well into my twenties), I used to co-run the largest Twilight fan club on Facebook with a lady in Illinois before the books became movies, I revisit the Hunger Games yearly, I believe the Chronicles of Narnia are poetic & must-read literature. I am allowed to love these fandoms and be dorky. I can laugh.

As we mature, and for me personally— as I became more devoted & practiced in my spirituality, I felt that’s all I could focus on. It felt as if I would be doing a disservice to my gifts and God if I highlighted other (and ’wordly’) interests. I was caught up in maintaining what spirituality should look like, instead of being true to who I a naturally am.

I extend myself grace because I do believe this is part of the growth process— part of our becoming, if you will. But, as I become more consciously aware of the severing of myself, I would be living a lie if I hid them. I can be both a mother and a playful child. I can be both wise and silly. I can love Jesus and talk about other things! I can write about whatever naturally emerges and trust that my expression is enough.

I went outside my comfort zone and dorked out. I’m sure the reception was met with some cringe, but who cares?

I’m free. I want to play sometimes. And, I think I nailed Alice.


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