It’s Excavation Season

What’s important to you? What is it that you want? What would be the apex of your existence? How are you feeling, right now? Where is your heart? Is it aligned with the wanderings of your mind? What does your relationship with The Creator look like? If you do not have a relationship with The Creator, why?

How often do we truly dive deep into the answers of these questions?

It’s important we understand and acknowledge the answers that come up.

How often are the answers we discover to these questions coming from the truth of us, and not the answers we think they should be?

This is something to ponder, too. How much of who and what we are is based on societal expectation?

Today is Good Friday. A day of remembrance and honor to Jesus— who became flesh for us. Who DIED for us. Humanity at large has still not come to terms with the monstrosities we are capable of. We are too tired, too distracted, maybe even too comfortable and afraid to truly see with clarity... but when we find the truth of ourselves, walk in our authenticity, acknowledge that we are imperfect and perfectly human, and do our best to extend and accept grace, we remember what has fundamentally been forgotten for longer than we can begin to comprehend.

And that’s when change occurs.

Like the rays of sunshine that cascade along the earth, bringing life & light.

That’s what we could be, too. All of us. That was the original intention. Love, acceptance, harmony & infinitely so— in all directions.


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