• Azia

Ha. Whoops.

I was feeling called to look through my old blog posts to be sure that they still aligned with where my heart is and decided to "draft" everything until I went through each post one by one... WELL! FUNNY THING! Apparently, when you return a post to "draft", it loses its original publication date and as I made my way through posts and was republishing them, they were all out of order.

I was not and continue to not be amused.

I know there is a better way I could've approached this. BUT! What's done is done. I seem to be in a season of clean slates. I am trying to embrace this little hiccup in the same way: with open arms and space for new beginnings.

Truthfully, I can be pretty high strung when it comes to certain things (my writing being on the top of that list) and the order being all out of whack upon republication is a little bit much for me at the moment, so all posts are again drafted babyyyyy.

I feel like there are absolutely posts that I didn't want to lock away indefinitely, so, maybe they will return and maybe they will just... not??? I don't know. I'm a little bit annoyed, only because I feel like I wasted some of my precious daylight on a task that turned out to be somewhat pointless... Mostly, I know it's small potatoes in the big scheme of things, yes?

If you made it this far, I'll share one of my favorite songs to ever exist with you:

It's so... soft. My heart always feels lighter after I listen to it. It's just the ultimate surrender song.

Will I join with the ocean blue? Or run into a savior true? And shake hands laughing And walk through the night, straight to the light Holding the Love I've known in my life And no hard feelings

Lord knows, they haven't done much good for anyone Kept me afraid and cold With so much to have and hold

Under the curving sky I'm finally learning why It matters for me and you To say it and mean it too For life and its loveliness And all of its ugliness Good as it's been to me I have no enemies



Musings of a hopeful & Healing Feminine