Equinox, Fresh Air & an Invitation

Minnesota is melting. It’s invigorating. Changing seasons always humble and soften me. Especially when experiencing the move from winter to spring in Minnesota. Though this was a mild winter in many ways, we did experience a truly unnatural freeze at one point, and being able to go outside without 10 pounds of clothing is such a beautiful treat.

My family and I spent much of the weekend outdoors. On Friday, Adam’s older brother, Ben, came by after dropping our daughters at an overnight at his church. We enjoyed clear skies, a warm fire and deep conversation. I always enjoy his visits because our focus very quickly shifts to discussions on God, parenthood, and society at large with light humor sprinkled in. I love hearing various perspectives and the joint conclusions on Jesus and the encouragement of grace in all aspects of life.

Saturday was a day for plants and walks. We started seed. Adam built a type of indoor greenhouse in the basement so we can ensure the seeds receive enough light over the coming weeks. We also picked up garbage and played hard. The hens are again laying, so dinner was egg bake— a family favorite. Our new chicks are growing quickly and we hope to introduce them to the flock in June or July. Sunday was for church and chores and leisure. All in all— a perfect equinox weekend.

Here is a small gratitude offering for the season:

A Quiet Invitation

Fresh air.

Deep breaths.


You and God.

These are precious moments.

You quiet your mind and the noise of the world and you are able to listen, to be present— to experience revelation.

The sound of your intuitive voice, that inner knowing— it has to be stronger, louder than any other sound of this world. Your softness, your sovereignty— it depends on it.

Spend time with yourself. Spend time with God.

Be with the trees, the natural world. Remember who you are when you are just being, not trying.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Take it slow.

Let each breath be an honoring.

Be grateful for your lungs, your throat.

Each breath, sound— it’s a God-song. It is your connection to the infinite life before you.

Let that knowing be a chorus that encapsulates you, frees you, softens you.


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