Ancestral Ties of Tropical & Sidereal Astrology

I want to start by saying that I find Astrology to be such a beautiful, intelligent & fun tool to use to learn about ourselves and our patterns. It is infinitely complicated that I hold astrologists in high regard: there is so much to this science & what they all know & do truly amazes me.

Astrology is just not in the realm of my spiritual gifting. And then when you acknowledge that there are multiple facets of astrology? Yeah, no. This mom can't keep up.

Outside of traditional, what is known as Tropical Astrology (I am a Pisces sun), I've looked into Mayan (Tzolkin) Astrology (I am a white crystal mirror, a seed with a tone of 10), Vedic Astrology (Aquarius sun), Sidereal (Aquarius Sun) & even spent some time with Human Design—my ex-husband is super interested in it (emotional generator with a solar plexus authority here). All have been helpful archetypally speaking and have revealed truths that resonate. I have yet to look into enneagram‘s but I think this will be my next hole to fall into when I’m looking to explore more of myself.

I have always viewed astrology placements as a tool that can help you see outside of your behaviors & become aware of how to be a better human. And, maybe because my sister and I are both Tropical Pisces suns and are so insanely different from one another, I realized early on that a lot of factors determine who a person is-- that it's not one end all be all. So whenever I see any blanketed statements about a particular sign, I just sort of roll my eyes because we know it's not so easily generalized.

*Side note: I'll leave some links at the bottom for your own personal discovery.

There is so much to learn and play around with! But, dang-! People sure do get bent out of shape surrounding the accuracy of the Sidereal or the Tropical placements and which one is more "accurate". I've found resonance with both but sidereal does feel more accurate of my matured-self. My sun sign moves from a Pisces in Tropical Astrology to an Aquarius Sun in Sidereal Astrology, for example, yet, I still have a Virgo Moon in both charts. BUT! What is a Sagittarius Stellium in my Tropical placements, switches to a Scorpio Stellium in Sidereal. My Leo Rising in Tropical switches to a Cancer rising in sidereal. Is anyone even following what I'm talking about? Me either. But, I know, regardless of my chart, I'm all water. It's no wonder I've always loved to swim and be in and near water— that showers and bathtubs and the coast have always made me feel refreshed, calm.

I recently came across this fascinating video from King Ra Suma Ba, which ties together these two seemingly "warring" facets of astrology and explains how they are linked Ancestrally and actually work together! It's so beautiful and deeply resonate that I had to share it with you guys.

Ancestral rooting has been a reoccurring theme for me and many of those around me since 2017. This video connected a few dots for me and I hope it does the same for you. Anything that brings a little more harmony, a deeper understanding and a return to the Earth always gives me the warm and fuzzies. PLUS! I just find the stories he shares absolutely fascinating.

Do you want to look deeper into your charts? Play around a bit? Here are some places to start:

Sidereal Birth Chart Calculator

Human Design

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