A Note on Distortion:

People are going to have distorted perceptions of you.

They will choose to see what they want to see.

Especially if it helps them live with how they’ve treated you.

It has nothing to do with you.

I know it is frustrating. I know it can initially cause pain, sorrow.

You’re human.

Being attacked or misconstrued is always going to hurt. Add a layer of distortion to that and you’re going to experience a bit of righteous rage.

But, there is nothing to be gained in entertaining those feelings. There is nothing to be gained by defending yourself. If anything, you will find you’ve roped yourself into a chaos cycle that depletes you.

And your reaction, though natural, can even cause people to believe that maybe those unflattering perceptions could be true.

In deeper instances, your reaction could be referred to as reactive abuse. If you are unfamiliar with the term, I would encourage researching this twisted scenario. Essentially, it’s like someone poking you repeatedly; over and over and over again until you finally snap & scream, “Enough!” And their response is, “See? You’re always yelling. This is why I was poking you!”

Theres no logic. It’s cruel. Inhumane. Twisted.

So what can you do?



Anchor into the truth & pay it no mind.

At the end of the day, people’s perception of you have nothing to do with you.

Good or bad!

You are still you. You have a life to lead.

Go live it.


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